Seminars & Speaking


Curt Martin is currently available for speaking engagements (keynotes, seminars, workshops, panels) on topics that include:

  • Whose Life Are Your Living? (Influencers, Club Christianity, Walking in the Spirit)
  • Living the Unique and Incredible Life That God Designed. How Might this Be Different Than the Average Christian Life? What Truths and Life Changes Does the Bible Teach Are Foundations for This Life? (Walking in the Spirit)
  • Victorious Life in God’s Spirit vs Life in the Flesh.
  • Steps for Identifying and Living God’s Unique Vision and Mission for Your Life?
  • God Designs Your Unique Life Journey to Prepare and Differentiate You for Your Kingdom Missions and Roles. Embrace This in Yourself and Others.
  • The Spirit Realm and Spiritual Warfare. There are No Peacetime Assignments in God’s Kingdom.
  • Seeing Others with God’s Eyes. Breaking Tribal Myths

Seminars/Workshops – These are built on God’s content and purposes as he related them in “Whose Life Are You Living.” They engage individuals to begin or improve their journeys of  “Walking the Spirit” so that they live the masterpiece lives God designed. Seminars and workshops are individually developed and take many forms, including:

  • One-Hour to One-Day Leadership Seminars – What is the purpose, content, and process associated with meeting the needs of individuals and organizations through our content? Is God calling you as a leader to embrace and own this transformation process as you bring it into your organization?
  • A Full Transformation Workshop – Two (approximately) ten-to-twelve-week sessions of three hours each. This is for individual participants. Best group size is ten or less as the process is interactive. Groups are designed for individuals to process the material and deal with what they accept, reject, are considering, and will commit to as next steps. Significant weekly personal effort is involved in preparation. Each individual is helped to work with God’s Spirit as they engage. Ideally, they are supported by facilitators who are provided by their organization and are trained and supported by Curt.
  • Focused Seminars – Organization Leadership, facilitated by Curt, establish content and process according to their objectives and the spiritual maturity of their group. Sessions are conducted similarly to the Full workshops.
  • One-Week Facilitator Workshops – Develop the organization’s facilitators so that they not only provide direct support to attendees but become leaders of future sessions within the organization. They are to demonstrate specific capabilities and spiritual maturity. Our objective is that each organization is able to conduct future development seminars through their own resources.

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