Curt is available for media sessions (TV, radio, print, online) to stimulate and touch individuals and organizations for the purpose of becoming all God designed them to be – His masterpieces. He is not called by God to debate semantics, traditions, or religious positions. God’s people, living in the fullness of His masterpiece design is his passion and God-specified focus.

Topics Include:

  • Whose Life Are Your Living? (Influencers, Club Christianity, Walking in the Spirit)
  • Living the Unique and Incredible Life That God Designed. How Might this Be Different Than the Average Christian Life? What Truths and Life Changes Does the Bible Teach Are Foundations for This Life? (Walking in the Spirit)
  • Victorious Life in God’s Spirit vs Life in the Flesh.
  • Steps for Identifying and Living God’s Unique Vision and Mission for Your Life?
  • God Designs Your Unique Life Journey to Prepare and Differentiate You for Your Kingdom Missions and Roles. Embrace This in Yourself and Others.
  • The Spirit Realm and Spiritual Warfare. There are No Peacetime Assignments in God’s Kingdom.
  • Seeing Others with God’s Eyes. Breaking Tribal Myths

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