Ministry Consulting

Curt is available for consulting with Christian Ministries who wish to engage God’s Spirit to sharpen their vision, missions, and ministry process so they improve their focus and effectiveness at accomplishing God’s purposes. He is called to work with organizations that are seeking substantive improvement by walking in God’s Spirit for Him to accomplish His best through His power, instead of them believing it is acceptable to simply do their best.

Business Consulting

On a limited basis, Curt is available for consulting with Christian business leaders who wish to ensure they are focused on God’s full vision and missions for their businesses. Making profits is necessary and honorable, and supporting employees is great, but these are merely a start. Curt has learned how business leaders can truly impact their employees, their families, clients, community schools, and the community at large, if they will permit God to expand their vision from normal to incredible. Are you one of the three percent of Christian business leaders who are ready to embrace His call to this level of vision?

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