The most important thing I have to share with you is that God has gradually developed, qualified, and called me to serve and bless others by helping them identify and live His masterpiece lives. Decades ago, He made it my passion to support individuals and organizations so that they can know, “Who God created you (them) to be in Christ and how you are to get there?” He is still developing me, but it is His Spirit, not my capabilities, who accomplishes His purposes in and through me. When I go where He calls and permit His Spirit to be in control, I know that He will accomplish incredible things in the lives of those who receive Him. If I go where I want or slip into depending on my skills, I know that results will be minimal in comparison to those accomplished in His power. I am merely one of many tools in His hands.

My qualifications include over forty-five years of leading business organizations, successful business consulting, and participating in ministries at both the board and volunteer levels. My wife, Joanne and I have been blessed to do marriage mentoring with couples for over 20 years. In the last fifteen years, I have also worked with ministries who walk with individuals who are seeking to reconstruct their lives as they battle with every nature of addiction, mental health challenges, discarding incorrect labels spoken into them, and reestablishing lives following incarceration. They are seeking the freedom of life in Christ. Accordingly, I have been privileged to walk with and value individuals of multiple nationalities and socio-economic cultures. God has taken me outside of the comfortable and limited perspectives of my own “tribal cultures” and is expanding my understanding of His people and His biblical truths. God teaches me to recognize and engage with the enemy’s forces spiritually.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, I grew up in an active Christian family. I committed my life to Christ at the age of sixteen but remained an immature and self-governed Christian until the age of twenty-five. At that time, my broken life and God’s call that “there was much more to the Christian life than I was experiencing” led me into an extended and challenging journey of connecting with God’s Spirit and recommitting my life to Christ. God’s transformations began in earnest and continue today. Shortly afterward, He began clarifying His purpose and passion for my life. It took a lot of learning and submission to begin to follow Him on this mission and to trust Him as I started the life-long pursuit of learning to “Walk in His Spirit.”

I am married to my incredible wife, Joanne, and we have walked with Christ across forty-eight wonderful years. We have three adult children, two of which have spouses, and we are blessed with four grandchildren. We have both faced incredible challenges and received many blessings. Therefore, we relate to these events in others’ lives and do not over-simplify God’s biblical solutions.