Whose Life Are You Living

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Published by: Curtis P. Martin
Release Date: September 26, 2023
Pages: 400
ISBN13: 979-8988332602

Core Concept

“Whose Life Are You Living?”
“Finding and Living Your Unique Purpose in Christ”

  • Only the Holy Spirit Can Reveal the Truths of God to the Spirit of Mankind.
  • Only His Spiritual Revelations Transform Us into Christ’s Masterpieces.
  • Only Christians Who Learn to Walk in God’s Spirit Experience His Masterpiece Lives.

What does it really mean to live the unique and incredible life that Christ designed? How might that life be different than the average Christian’s life? God would awaken us to the specific purposes and kingdom missions that He designed for us. As these purposes become our primary focus, we begin to truly live. We then find that important priorities of family, work, friendship, etc. take on greater meaning and are approached more effectively. God will move us from comfortable, cultural Christianity to thriving in His unique missions and becoming His masterpieces. He will transform us into living by walking in His Spirit instead of our flesh’s futile attempts at acting like Him. His Spirit will then accomplish His purposes both in and through us. This is not an easy life, but it is the life of true meaning that God designed. There are no peacetime assignments in Christ’s kingdom living. Maturing into His masterpieces ultimately occurs on the spiritual battlefield.

This website is about you and Christ walking together through life to be and become His masterpiece. Accordingly, as you leave this earth, you will have truly lived and nothing of His purpose will be left dormant within you.

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Title: “Whose Life Are You Living?”

Subtitle: “Finding and Living Your Unique Purpose in Christ”

“Whose Life Are You Living?” presents a lifetime of learning and walking with others who are accepting God’s biblical call to truly live in the incredible and unique kingdom life He designed.

It provides readers with God’s opportunity to evaluate whose life they have been living and determine whether they are going to live God’s or their own. We have all conformed to the expectations of many influencers including family, cultures, friends, religion, etc. and have frequently placed their expectations above God’s purpose. We have even adopted the labels that others have inappropriately placed on us. God is calling us to break free and live as the unique masterpieces He designed.

This book does not present formulas to follow or behaviors to imitate. It is a personal journey with the Spirit as He provides revelation of biblical truths. You and He determine how you will move forward by permitting Him to live both in and through you.

The concept of God’s Spirit living and working both “In and Through Us" is often misunderstood. This is the life of “walking in the Spirit” which God commands in Ephesians. It results from learning to continuously hear and obey the voice of God’s Spirit. Then with intentionality, we surrender control of our lives as He lives in and through us. Our flesh is put to death.

Few Christians are taught and mentored in living this life. For the many others, three cornerstones of God’s masterpiece life are totally missed. They do not understand the difference between walking in the Spirit vs. living in their flesh. They have not learned to discern between the Spirit’s voice, their own, and the enemy's, and do not listen intentionally to Him and obey Him at all times. Accordingly, God’s design for His Spirit, not their flesh, to be flowing in and through them to achieve His will, is unknown to them. They cannot experience the incredible freedom of being released from the futility of “trying to act like Christ” and replacing it with God’s transformed life of “Being” who they were created to be, as He transforms them and accomplishes their kingdom missions through them. Those who do are among the few who truly live and leave earth with none of God’s purpose and power left chained within.

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